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CSCOMMS can supply and fit the various types of points required in the 21st Century home, office or commercial site. From phone points to network points and AV points, we have it covered.


Need additional phone points? CSCOMMS can install these for you. We wire and fit all types of phone points. Mode 3 alarm points, wall phone, standard 610 sockets and modular. With modern ADSL2+ internet, it is imperative that your phone point and wiring are up to the modern standard. Without the best quality connections, you could be paying a lot for poor quality phone and internet performance. Don't blame your ISP or phone provider, let CSCOMMS fit new and upgraded telephone points in your home, office or commercial premises. We allso supply and install ADSL central filters.


rj wall plate

                                                                                              wall phone


Are you having problems with your TV reception? Just purchased another TV that requires a new TV antenna or additional TV points? CSCOMMS can supply and install these for you. We also supply and install set top boxes, and have all the cables you will ever need to connect your AV devices together.


With so much 'smart' technology making use of the internet, you need to make sure that your home, office or commercial premises is able to keep up with the times. CSCOMMS can install network (RJ45) points throughout your home, office or commercial premises, in order allow all those internet-hungry 'smart' devices to connect seemlessly to your modem/router. We can even udate your hardware to cope with multiple devices.

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