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networkingIf you require a wired or wireless network solution CSCOMMS can both supply and install this for you. We can supply and install for domestic or commercial use. We will design and install a network to meet your requirements and allow for future expansion.


We specalise in wireless technology. CSCOMMS can intergrate wireless into your existing network. We also install long haul wireless links. Wireless can be used to intergrate many different types of technology together and extend the boundary of traditional wired infrestructure.

CSCOMMS also wire and install ADSL central filters for home or business. If you don't wish to re wire we also provide seperate filters for each of your phones.


NE3G29WN2 netcomm cso netcomm adsl 3g w less m rout blacknanobridgeCSCOMMS have all the hardware you could ever need for your network installation. We supply Racks, Routers, Switches, Acess Points and Patch leads at competative prices.

Send us an email of your requirements for a quotation.

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