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Keep an eye on things with a CCTV solution from CSCOMMS. We can supply systems that involve one camera monitoring your front door, right through to a whole commercial centre full of cameras. We can provide cost-effective solutions depending on your requirements.

S44430speed domeAnalogue and digital solutions are offered and a wide variety of storage media can be installed and configured to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. If clarity and flexability are what you need then CSCOMMS has the solution for you, no matter your budget.

If you require the best footage available we recommend IP CCTV systems. A CSCOMMS IP CCTV systems allow easy additions of cameras and could possibly share some of youre existing infrestructure. Wireless options are available on IP solutions for hard to reach and semi isolated locations. Wireless intergration seamlessly co-exists with the rest of the CCTV network.

CSCOMMS even provide CCTV solutions that can be viewed remotely via a laptop, iPhone or other smart device. Now you will really know what is happening at home or work while you are away. If you get a call from the monitoring company or your alarm directly dials, you can check on things in real time on your computer or smart device. IP CCTV systems can even email you event driven still images.

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