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Bosch KeypadFor your safety and peace of mind have a CSCOMMS intruder alarm system fitted. We specialise in many different alarm systems. We cater for both domestic and commercial markets, so you can be assured we will have the right system for your needs.Pir

Our extensive range of intruder alarms can incorporate many features. We have remote controls to arm and disarm the system. These remotes can also be integrated to open your garage door or turn a light on so you don't need to carry multiple remote controls.

Business users can also enjoy automatic arming of their alarm. If an employee forgets to arm the system you can have the system arm itself for you after a pre-determined time. If your store closes at 6pm the alarm can check and arm itself at 7pm. These features can give you total peace of mind your assets will be secure while you are away. Some of our systems also let you remotely arm your alarm from a computer or mobile phone.

Bosch RemoteCSCOMMS can also provide back-to-base monitoring at competitive prices. Back to base monitoring can also assist with lowering your insurance premiums. 

CSCOMMS can monitor your alarm system with professional security monitoring services. Alarm monitoring gives piece of mind and could also lower your insurance premiums. CSCOMMS can also arrange patrols to your premises for added security.

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